Make Coffee Scrub At Home

While you love drinking coffee your body loves it too here is why?

Coffee scrub is great for exfoliating your skin and removing dead skin cells – but also gentle for your body.
Ground coffee can also be used as a refreshing face scrub that helps in unclogging the pores to remove toxins and bring back your skin's natural glow.

Feel Fresh after Coffee Scrub - Woodi Peck's

Depending on your skin types and preferences you can choose the one that fits you.

NOTE: - Always use ground coffee and not the Instant / Soluble coffee.

For people with dry skin types we suggest mixing ground coffee with oils of choice like Coconut oil, Olive Oil, combination of milk and malai cream, Vit E oil.

For Oily skin we suggest to use water and Granulated sugar options or lemon, Rose water.

While we are saying ground coffee please stick to Pure Coffee only.

Scoop of coffee 

We also suggest you to use the used coffee grounds too as they also do fantastic job.

Used Coffee ground cakes

How to make coffee scrub?

1. Take 2 tbs spoon of ground coffee

2. Equal amounts of Oils or Rose water or Milk/Malai

3. Mix well it should not be too thick.

Ideally use it before shower and apply mild soap to rinse off the excess soap.

After facial scrub you can also dab on Rose water on the face to soothe the skin.

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