Woodi Peck's premium filter coffee with 20%Chicory - 250gms

Woodi Peck's premium filter coffee with 20%Chicory - 250gms

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Woodpecker’s coffee has been growing India’s finest coffees and spices in Sakleshpura, Karnataka since 1935. After long research and experience we have come up with this new and unique blend with carefully handpicked Arabica’s and Robusta’s. To make sure you get the finest cup every time we have packed this in a unique pouch which retains freshness for long time. We have also taken care to use the best quality available Chicory so that the coffee tastes great every time.

Contains 80% fresh ground coffee blend with 20% Chicory

Brew - Suited for traditional Indian filter since it contains Chicory

Storage - Please store the contents of this pack in a cool, air-tight container and consume within 30 days of opening for best results.

No Preservatives added

Note: This is not a ready-to-drink Instant Coffee. Does not contain sugar or milk or milk solids

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