Woodi Pecks hotel blend with 40% Chicory - 250g

Woodi Pecks hotel blend with 40% Chicory - 250g

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Want to get the same taste of hotel's filter coffee at home then here it is.

This unique blend has carefully handpicked Arabica’s and Robusta’s along with a puch of Chicory to give that strenght of the cup of coffee. To make sure you get the finest cup every time we have packed this in a unique pouch which retains freshness for long time. We have also taken care to use the best quality available Chicory so that the coffee tastes great every time.

Contains 60% fresh ground coffee blend with 40% Chicory

Brew - Suited for traditional Indian filter since it contains Chicory

Storage - Please store the contents of this pack in a cool, air-tight container and consume within 30 days of opening for best results.

No Preservatives added

Note: This is not a ready-to-drink Instant Coffee. Does not contain sugar or milk or milk solids

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