Woodpeckers coffee trading house delivers daily to cafes/hotels, gourmet food stores, and offices across India. We work closely with these businesses to tailor our products and services to their specific needs.

Our offerings in both commercial and Specialty grades of coffee:-

1.            Green Coffee beans

2.            Roasted Coffee Beans

3.            Ground coffee

4.            Instant Coffee

Types of Coffees we provide :-

We have both washed (parchment) and unwashed coffee (Cherry, sun dried process) in Arabica and Robusta.

Grades: -

We support all types if coffee grades click here


We custom roast coffee to suite your roast profile using the top quality air roaster.

Packing for Roasted and Ground Coffee’s

We pack coffee’s in metalized pouches which gives maximum freshness for 10-12 month. We use coffee valves so that coffee breathes thru the journey upto customers table.

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