Indian Coffee Grades

Indian Coffee and it's quality specifications set by the Coffee Board of India

Arabica and Robusta are the two commercially cultivated varieties in India. These 2 varieties are classified as washed (wet processed) and unwashed (natural/dry processed), based on the method of processing. The washed and unwashed coffee's are broadly categorised as:-

A. Commercial Grades
B. Premium grades
C. Specialty grades
D. Miscellaneous grades

Major types and grades of Indian Coffee

                            Arabica Coffee

Washed Arabica Coffee - Plantation Unwashed Arabica Coffee - Cherry
Plantation AAA Arabica Cherry AAA
Plantation AA Arabica Cherry AA
Plantation A Arabica Cherry A
Plantation pb (peaberry) Arabica Cherry pb(peaberry)
Plantation B Arabica Cherry B
Plantation C Arabica Cherry C
Plantation BBB Arabica Cherry BBB

                            Robusta Coffee

Washed Robusta Coffee - Parchment Unwashed Robusta Coffee - Cherry
Robusta parchment AAA Robusta Cherry AAA
Robusta parchment AA Robusta Cherry AA
Robusta parchment A Robusta Cherry A
Robusta parchment pb (peaberry) Robusta Cherry pb(peaberry)
Robusta parchment B Robusta Cherry B
Robusta parchment C Robusta Cherry C
Robusta parchment BBB Robusta Cherry BBB


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