Indian Coffee's - Export

Woodpecker's Coffee Trading House exports Indian Coffee beans as per the customer requirements from Chikmagalur, Sakleshpura and Coorg (typically from the pristine western ghats) and Araku from Eastern ghats

India isn't any one single entity. It's a crucible of communities, cultures, cuisines, languages, art forms and religions.

The Coffees of Indian aren't any one single entity either. They are 16 distinctive coffees from 13 different coffee growing regions.

Some full-bodies, some mild, some sweet, some mellow, some bitter...all of them are so unique in their own way. All of them are varied as each one experiences their beverages differently.

  • Graded or ungraded Coffee beans
  • Roasted Coffee beans
  • Roasted and blended coffee beans
  • Ground Coffee in unique pouches with valves (open for customisation)
  • Coffee husk for composting


Major Types and Grades Of Coffee's from India

Arabica Coffee 

Washed Arabica - 'Plantation' 
1. Plantation AAA also called as Mysore Nuggets extra bold or MNEB (speciality coffee of India)
2. Plantation AA
3. Plantation A
4. Plantation PB
5. Plantation B
6. Plantation C
7. Plantation Blacks/Browns/Bits
8. Plantation Bulk

Unwashed Arabica - 'Arabica Cherry'
1. Arabica Cherry AA
2. Arabica Cherry A
3. Arabica Cherry PB
4. Arabica Cherry B
5. Arabica Cherry C
6. Arabica Cherry Blacks/Browns/Bits
7. Arabica Cherry Bulk

Robusta Coffee
Washed 'Robusta Parchment'
1. Robusta Parchment AA
2. Robusta Parchment A
3. Robusta Parchment AB (Even RKR also available which becomes a speciality coffee of India)
4. Robusta Parchment Blacks/Browns and bits
5. Robusta Parchment Bulk 

Unwashed 'Robusta Cherry' 
1. Robusta Cherry PB 
2. Robusta Cherry A or AB 
3. Robusta Cherry Blacks/Browns/Bits 
4. Robusta Cherry Bulk

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