Private Labels

Private Label

Woodpecker's Coffee offers an end to end private label service capability.  Woodpecker's Coffee will be your proud partner in helping your companies build and expand your own private label coffees.

Woodpecker's Coffee does everything from a simple product package, to a full fledge private label with custom blends, custom roasting profile and custom packaging.

Woodpecker's Coffee has a strong backup of raw materials to high end machinary for roasting and grinding coffee's to help every client meet their customers’ needs.

We at woodpecker's Coffee are keen to partner with clients who want to customize their coffee to match quality or even price
We support in creating unique blends for you or you can try your own and we can support it too.

At Woodpecker's Coffee, we take pride in working with our clients of all sizes to meet their needs for all kinds of special events. We have a creative team at work and can help improvise your idea's to make things even more enjoyable.

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